Prefabricated Folding Houses

Brette Haus
is a
Brette Haus is an elegant folding house, designed to be easily transported, installed on site and connected to the mains in three hours. All the sanitary equipment and electrical engineering are already prefabricated.
Just plug it in!

Brette Haus for Business

Transforming lodges for tourism accomodation and pop-up events

Folding Dwellings

Starting €500 per sq.m.

Brette 20

20 sq.m
Useful area: 20 square meters.
Tiny folding cabin for a couple.
Compact mezzanine bedroom and cosy lifestyle space with all basic utilities.
Four houses can be placed on one platform, designed for a 40' container.
Best use: home office or glamping lodge.

Dimensions (width / length / height, m):
Folded: 2,4 / 3,0 / 2,9
Unfolded: 4,9 / 3,0 / 4,8

Brette 30

33 sq.m
Useful area: 33 square meters.
This is the best solution for a three-person family. Spacious mezzanine is perfect for family needs.
Comfortable coach could be placed under the stairs.
Three houses can be placed on a 40' shipping container platform.
Best use: a temporary accommodation, bungalow.

Dimensions (width / length / height, m):
Folded: 2,4 / 4,0 / 2,9
Unfolded: 4,9 / 4,0 / 4,8

Brette 50

48 sq.m
Useful area: 48 square meters.
Suitable for four-person family. Making a separate space for an office or child bedroom is possible.
Two houses can be placed on one platform designed for a 40' shipping container.
Best use: everyday house, shelter, well suited for humanitarian purposes.

Dimensions (width / length / height, m):
Folded: 2,4 / 6,0 / 2,9
Unfolded: 4,9 / 6,0 / 4,8


Foldable houses for affordable prices
Space doubles when unfolded
Quick install
Affordable price
Neat outfit
Eco-friendly materials

How it works

Unfold me!

Current progress

First house delivery: fall 2019
There is no such compelling solution on the market of movable houses yet. The unique combination of technical solutions makes our research idea a game-changer in mobile housing.
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