the world, where houses serve people,
not places
Our mission is to create accessible, truly portable homes that unfold the freedom of movement while seamlessly blending in with the environment.

We keep it


S - Support is simple when processes are transparent.

I - Innovation is simple when you think outside the box.

M - Mobility is simple when you design everything around it.

P - Partnership is simple when teams work together.

L - Liability is simple when we keep our promises.

E - Expanding is simple when we develop transformable architecture.

Brette Haus is a group of like-minded people;
we seek and unite people similar perception of the world in one strong team.
Brette Haus SIA
VAT: LV40203200613
Stirnu iela 13A-2A, Riga, LV-1035, Latvia
Bank: Transferwise Europe SA,
BE33 9670 6448 3946
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