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Unique Folding Technology

An innovative approach is leading in our current and future. The folding feature isn't a new one, but our hinge and space increasing are. We use exceptional hinge system to deliver 100 folding cycles. The "useful space doubles feature is patented as well as the hinge system. Also, we have about ten other patents in our plans and three pending already. Our goal here is to make folding housing as available and usable as regular houses are.

Cross-Laminated Timber

The transformation of the folding houses is accompanied by heavy loads on the structural elements of the cabin. No timber or light steel frame could withstand the deformation when moving loads maximum moment occurs.

Here CLT technology comes to the rescue.

CLT is known as engineered wood, meaning that layers of wood are fixed together, creating a composite material. It is done with the aim to engineer the timber to precise specifications and give it properties that are not normally found in wood. CLT panels can be used for both load-bearing and visual structures.

We use Cross-Laminated Timber to manufacture floors, walls and ceilings.

Core Values

Our mission is to create accessible, truly portable homes that unfold the freedom of movement while seamlessly blending in with the environment.

We keep it


S - Support is simple when processes are transparent.

I - Innovation is simple when you think outside the box.

M - Mobility is simple when you design everything around it.

P - Partnership is simple when teams work together.

L - Liability is simple when we keep our promises.

E - Expanding is simple when we develop transformable architecture.

Brette Haus is a group of like-minded people;
we seek and unite people similar perception of the world in one strong team.
"We find your work pretty interesting and with a lot of potential to be implemented in variety of uses, utilizing your core concept of folding/unfolding."
Kostis Oungrinis
Director at Transformable Intelligent Environments Lab
"Nowadays, the focus is no longer solely on the thermal insulation properties of building materials, but also on the health and environmental impact of the material."
Sergejs Ippolitovs
Member of Board at Wigo Group
"The demand for cabins is warming up due to the growing mobility of people. It's a pleasure to see durable housing solutions become affordable and environment-friendly."
Antal Khripko
Owner of Quick Home LTD
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