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Maintain internal balance. Live, work, and rest in any place you like. It's easy to move homes and businesses with Brette Haus.

Our eco-friendly concepts align with ESG principles, emphasizing responsible manufacturing, the use of renewable wood, and sustainable forest management practices.

Foldable house


It all started in 2019 with a simple foldable cabin called "Basic". Our products evolved over time adjusting to our customers' needs.
Now we have 4 standard designs and 6 models. Also, we provide custom housing solutions to businesses and non-profit organizations.
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Restful escape cabin


Relocatable cafe or pop-up kiosk


Disaster relief shelter


Garden office or guest room

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TINY DESIGN | Brette Haus x WSBY

Recreation / Private
TINY D uses less energy and provides a long-term comfortable stay. It was designed to be a holiday home, guest house, home office or whatever you want. With its natural materials and thoughtful design, TINY D wraps you in comfort.

Outer Dimensions 3 x 5 x 3,8 m

Footprint 15 sq.m

Usable area 16,5 sq.m


Recreation / Retail

Making the most of space, this elegant prefab house can withstand and function in all climates. It is a perfect match for nomads and nature lovers. COMPACT is an excellent choice for a city rooftop extension as well as for any recreation or retail project.

Outer Dimensions 6 x 5 x 2,9 m

Footprint 30 sq.m

Usable area 26 sq.m


Private / Recreation

Developed to amplify nature, this pop-up house allows you to enjoy it no matter the season. Besides, a unique folding system and easy transportation make no boundaries to your plans.

The cabin design corresponds to Nordic traditions performed in modern sustainable materials.

Outer Dimensions 4 x 5 x 4,9 m

Footprint 20 sq.m

Usable area 27 sq.m


Retail / Recreation
A perfect solution for private or business ideas — a simple and plain cross-laminated timber cabin without insulation, electrical or sanitation equipment in order to provide inspiration and freedom to design it according to your creative vision.

Outer Dimensions 3 x 5 x 4,9 m

Footprint 15 sq.m

Usable area 22 sq.m

A-FRAME DIY | Brette Haus x dreamblock

Private / Recreation
Easily assembled A-Frame solution that blends modern design with practicality. Engineered for simplicity, it empowers individuals to construct their distinctive A-Frame structure with minimal effort, offering not just a shelter, but a personalized retreat.

Outer Dimensions 3,3 x 5 x 4,4 m

Footprint 16 sq.m

Usable area 8 sq.m


A region-specific price list will be sent to You shortly
8 to 12 weeks from order to delivery
The contract includes terms of payment, shipping terms, warranty, and technical descriptions of the cabins.
  • 10% due at signing of the Sales Agreement
  • 50% due after the order is finalized and ready for manufacturing
  • 40% due 10 days before loading

Shipping and taxes are not included in the price.

Lead time varies from 8 to 12 weeks
Basic installation requires clear vehicular access to the building site; space for the machinery within 3 meters of the installation site; stable and levelled foundation; no obstacles of any nature; access to electricity available during the installation period.
Brette Haus will be installed on the foundation, provided by the customer and according to the requirements, described in the technical passport of the Products.

Installation time is 1 day.
2 years Brette Haus warranty
50+ Year Lifespan


Eco-friendly structures, weather protection, and comforting utilities attract people, that prefer hotels as previous accommodations.

Co-living Community CASE

I choose the houses based on my personal desire to stay in them for the long term. It is a matter of material, shape, and design. We prefer prefabs with custom interior decoration and furniture solutions. I search & choose such solutions on the internet. When I like it - I buy it.
Our project is a community with people who lives together and forms a strong neighbourhood. If people decide to live tiny with us, they could buy their own tiny house or rent one of our cabins. One of the criteria is the will to live with a little carbon footprint. For example, we would prefer an owner of an electric car, not a diesel SUV.

There are several kinds of people among our residents: some want to reduce themselves, others can’t afford a big house and also we have tiny living lovers, who admire nature more than anything.

The foldable house was delivered at the scheduled time. It stood in protective wrapping until the installation day. I was curious about the process of installation and It’s really impressive how fast that happened. It’s impossible to understand the size from the brochures or the Internet, I'm astonished at how spacious the house is inside. Overall, this is the most considerable property we have on site.
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