• What is the difference between Brette Haus startup and other prefab manufacturers?
Brette Haus is the only company that prefabricates folding houses with the unique 100-cycle hinge system. It makes comfortable, durable houses ready to relocate almost unlimited times. Imagine your cosy home anywhere!

  • Could you specify how unfolding houses are equipped?
Normally "Brette Haus" unfoldable living unit you will find all necessary engineering prefabricated: plumbing, electric wiring, sewage.
Every house is equipped with lights, a toilet, sink, shower tray, kitchen countertop, and mixer taps.
We can offer off-grid cabin solutions depending on your location: pre-wire the house with a solar energy kit, and add a pumping station with a water filter and a sewerage module.
In addition, we offer IKEA’s interior design collages, which we consider the most relevant. Collage comes in two different price ranges for your convenience.
The exploitation of Brette Haus cabins is not only about accommodation. If you consider this house as a pop-up retail unit, contact us directly. We have more floor plans for you!

  • Do you have more floor plans or large prefab houses?
Yes! We have floor plans for versatile usage: city hotel, promo booth, ecotourism camping, etc. Also, we could offer you housing scale solutions for the "Compact" design, which allows us to offer 60, 90, and 1120 sq.m houses. If you are looking for multiple tiny houses or a community housing project, we can customize modular houses to fit your specific needs and location. Contact us to discuss your preferences.

  • Where does Brette Haus come from?
Brette Haus designs and manufactures houses for sale in Latvia. Our team will deliver and install a house at your place.

  • Do I need a building permit?
Such transformable architecture as folding homes could be compared to a mobile estate. It is designed to be folded and relocated multiple times. In many countries, this eliminates the need for a building permit. However, we recommend you contact the local authorities for verified information on current building regulations.
Considering the fact you are getting a tiny home or a pop-up unit for the price of a car, this might be not so relevant. Moreover, you will have an opportunity to relocate house in the future.
If you have any doubts, we suggest you rent a Brette Haus cabin for a month. You will enjoy it!

  • You say Brette Haus technology is bespoke. What makes it unique?
Foldable houses Brette Haus are being built using a unique combination of our patented hinge system and famous Austrian Cross-Laminated Timber technology. CLT panels are manufactured by glueing together several orthogonal layers of wooden lamellas in special press conditions. This eliminates the risk of house shrinkage, improves insulation and durability, and allows you to do without heat insulation even in cold climates. Our cabins generate about 80% less waste and use 99% less water than standard site-built houses. We produce houses with a positive environmental impact. We have a strong principle regarding the quality and eco policies, we make our houses only from natural materials.