How To Choose A Cabin
  • What is the difference between Brette Haus startup and other prefab manufacturers?
Brette Haus is the only company that prefabricates folding houses with the unique 100-cycle hinge system. It makes comfortable, durable houses ready to relocate almost unlimited times. Imagine your cosy home anywhere!

  • Could you specify how unfolding houses are equipped?
Normally "Brette Haus" unfoldable living unit you will find all necessary engineering prefabricated: plumbing, electric wiring, sewage.
Every house is equipped with lights, a toilet, sink, shower tray, kitchen countertop, and mixer taps.
We can offer off-grid cabin solutions depending on your location: pre-wire the house with a solar energy kit, and add a pumping station with a water filter and a sewerage module.
In addition, we offer IKEA’s interior design collages, which we consider the most relevant. Collage comes in two different price ranges for your convenience.
The exploitation of Brette Haus cabins is not only about accommodation. If you consider this house as a pop-up retail unit, contact us directly. We have more floor plans for you!

  • Do you have more floor plans or large prefab houses?
Yes! We have floor plans for versatile usage: city hotel, promo booth, ecotourism camping, etc. Also, we could offer you housing scale solutions for the "Compact" design, which allows us to offer 60, 90, and 1120 sq.m houses. If you are looking for multiple tiny houses or a community housing project, we can customize modular houses to fit your specific needs and location. Contact us to discuss your preferences.

  • Where does Brette Haus come from?
Brette Haus designs and manufactures houses for sale in Latvia. Our team will deliver and install a house at your place.

  • Do I need a building permit?
Such transformable architecture as folding homes could be compared to a mobile estate. It is designed to be folded and relocated multiple times. In many countries, this eliminates the need for a building permit. However, we recommend you contact the local authorities for verified information on current building regulations.
Considering the fact you are getting a tiny home or a pop-up unit for the price of a car, this might be not so relevant. Moreover, you will have an opportunity to relocate house in the future.
If you have any doubts, we suggest you rent a Brette Haus cabin for a month. You will enjoy it!

  • You say Brette Haus technology is bespoke. What makes it unique?
Foldable houses Brette Haus are being built using a unique combination of our patented hinge system and famous Austrian Cross-Laminated Timber technology. CLT panels are manufactured by glueing together several orthogonal layers of wooden lamellas in special press conditions. This eliminates the risk of house shrinkage, improves insulation and durability, and allows you to do without heat insulation even in cold climates. Our cabins generate about 80% less waste and use 99% less water than standard site-built houses. We produce houses with a positive environmental impact. We have a strong principle regarding the quality and eco policies, we make our houses only from natural materials.
Your Purchase Procedure
  • What happens when I order a tiny cabin?
We offer a one-stop shop for you. Once you have decided to order your Brette Haus cabin, our local representative will get in touch with you. He will provide you with all the details for a successful purchase. When the order is finalized, you will get a prefabricated cabin within 8 weeks. We will ship your order immediately after manufacturing.

  • What are the payment terms?
We require advance payment of approximately 50% to begin the manufacturing of your neat cabin. The following payment is 50% when the house is prefabricated and you can see pictures and video in progress. We require to cover delivery expenses before the shipping.
Transparency in the construction business is very important to us. After we sign the agreement, you could request an internal cost sheet for your house. There are no secrets there.

  • What is included inside the standard cabin?
Our house's cost includes all finishes and basic components:
-all surfaces are protected by waxes and varnishes
-windows and doors,
-electrical components, including lights, switches, power points, stove outlet main power input connection point.
-All water and plumbing components, including water input, slots for a heater and washing machine, and flex sewer connection.
-Bathroom, including toilet, sink, shower tray, tapware,
-Wooden stairs (for mezzanine models),
Because homeowners typically prefer to select their appliance packages, items including stoves, range hoods, refrigerators, dishwashers, washers, and dryers are excluded from the modular price. Specification for every house is available HERE.

  • Do you offer a payment solution or any financing options?
If you are a business buyer with a solid financial background, then in cooperation with Factoreal we can expand the payment terms for you for the part to be paid after the advance until a maximum of 6 months after the installation of the house.
Delivery Arrangements
  • Who delivers my Brette Haus cabin?
When folded, Brette Haus cabins have the compact dimensions of a shipping container. We could deliver your unfolding mobile home almost anywhere. We find difficulties challenging.
It takes 8 weeks from advance payment to shipping out. Delivery time may vary depending on your location.

  • How do I relocate home later?
There are two ways to further relocations. First, you may hire a crane truck to fold, relocate and unfold your tiny home. A Crane truck should be strong enough to lift a house. You will need 2 workers to help the crane with folding and lifting according to our manual.
The second option - we will deliver your house to your place, and if necessary - move to a new one. In this case, each unfolding of the house takes only three hours.

Installation Process
  • Who does the installation?
We do! Brette Haus team will deliver and install your expandable house. You will see the fastest house installation! It takes up to 3 hours to install and connect your cabin to the mains. All you need to worry about is preparing any levelled base before installation, the Brette Haus team will resolve other matters.

  • Do I need a concrete base?
Good news! There is no need for a permanent foundation. Brette Haus could be placed on any levelled base. However, we recommend using a screw pile foundation. It is not considered permanent and can be removed with minimal impact on the site. This allows you to relocate the house multiple times with the same foundation.

  • What do I need to install a tiny house?
There are a few things you could consider in advance. First of all, how accessible your place is? If access to the property is limited, additional costs could be incurred for more powerful vehicles.
Basic installation requires clear vehicular access to the building site; space for the machinery within 3 meters of the building site; stable and levelled foundation; no obstacles of any nature; access to electricity available during the installation period.
Unless you intend to go entirely off the grid, you should consider how the building connects to your sewer network, water supply and the electric grid. Utility access points should be within 1 meter of the plugs.
Please note that some regions require a local expert to complete the connection of the mains.

Support And Warranty
  • What is the warranty period and service life for Brette Haus unfolding cabins?
We give 24-months warranty from the manufacturer. Brette Haus hinge system stands for 100 folding cycles. We use Cross-Laminated timber material to prefabricate every unfoldable cabin. The Building Research Establishment in the UK has certified the CLT product for a life span of 60 years and there are inhabited timber buildings in Europe that are over 700 years old (links proofs). The key factor for the durability of a timber structure is humidity control. Proper air circulation and regular coating maintenance will extend the life span significantly.

  • How do you make sure the house doesn't fly away in a storm like in Dorothy from the Land of Oz?
Brette Haus always puts safety first. Every folding wood house was calculated to be resistant to earthquakes and strong wind. The smallest cabin weights are the same as a pickup truck since we use certified structural wood for all construction elements.
The material we used for floors, walls and ceilings was engineered as durable and sustainable for housing (Cross-laminated timber). The unique hinge system makes our houses even stronger. Inside the house, everything is organized in such a way that nothing breaks down on the road - even if the road is not of the best quality.
Yet, we recommend using a screw pile foundation in unstable locations.