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Tiny D was designed together with WSBY to settle anywhere. It might be hidden within woodland or simply shine in your garden.

Our dream was to create a tiny house for everyday or occasional use however it suits you best - an effective home office, comfortable garden house, peaceful holiday cabin even a hotel suite.

The simple delivery process and 3-step easy installation
let you think only about what really matters.
design tiny cabin


All features in one functional 15 m² prefab:

bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom and utility zone.

A maximum of comfort on a minimal footprint.

A new dream home design for an improved concept of living in the wilderness. The TINY D now uses less energy and provides a long-term comfortable stay


We gathered everything you need into a high-performance dwelling unit
15 m²

Foot print
16 m²

Usable space
3,85 m

4000 kg

tiny house drawings
tiny haus design
Signing contract
Payment I - 10%
Manufacturing capacity booking
Payment II - 50%
As soon as order finalized


8 - 10 weeks
Payment III - 40%
Prior to delivery
Tiny D cabin delivery process

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Concept of Tiny House
It’s an affordable alternative providing only the essential and intelligently modular spaces for comfortable living. The houses are relatively tiny to the typical house. It consumes a smaller amount of energy in construction and operation, emitting lesser carbon waste and ecological impact.

Since the building industry consumes 40% of the global energy, a large-scale adaptation of tiny houses would greatly reduce the overall consumption. Join the tiny house movement today!
Tiny Cabin Experience
We put years of experience to design a holiday home, guest house, home office or whatever you want Tiny D to be. With its natural materials and thoughtful design, TINY D wraps you in comfort.

Wood features a certain kind of sensitivity and consciousness, that has been demonstrated by scientific experiments. People have known for centuries that wood gives strength and helps maintain spiritual harmony.

Wooden walls ensure excellent insulation: the level of heat insulation is several times higher than that of a brick or concrete wall of similar thickness.
Additional options
A few things to consider adding to the standard Tiny D cabin include off-grid solutions:
  • solar energy kit 5 kWp
  • off-grid toilet
  • fire or pellet stove

Several things that might make the use of your cabin more efficient:

  • terrace sections
  • kitchenette with fridge and sink
  • infrared heating panels or underfloor heating
  • Velux skylight window
  • Electric towel dryer
  • Mezzanine ladder and rail


Imagine your favourite equipment in the bathroom and kitchen, delicate lights and smart sockets already placed where you would like them to be.

Tiny house user experience

This spring turned out to be relevantly stressful and I decided to move outside the city to improve my life and work balance. I thought that living in a tiny cabin at the seashore would be so cinematic! I came across Brette Haus rental ad and realized that the house is cosy enough for me and my dog. I always wanted to live in a home like that, not a box or a container.
Despite compact dimensions, the home is very spacious and broad. The house looked pretty plain, but there are a shower and WC already installed. This house was truly a quiet harbour for me, I loved finding myself in a peaceful space. Here I could just get away from everything and contemplate different natural events such as the power of strong wind, and the fall of a strong oak but at the same time, I am in “isolation” I can’t hear any noise or turbulence inside the cabin. By the way, 90% of the house parts are wooden, it really flows in the air!

The Baltic Sea coast is very windy, so I took a winter outfit with me and it was beneficial for walking along the beach but absolutely useless inside the house. It was very comfortable inside even during stormy nights. I am considering myself as a child of nature, so I am having a special connection with it. It gives me power and inspiration when I am meeting the dawn in the middle of the forest, especially near the sea. The huge windows, which contains this tiny cabin gave me the opportunity to fully enjoy an amazing view and the spirit of the Baltic forest.
I have learned the cabin is made with cutting edge technology and it's a kind of transformable architecture. There is no problem to fold and relocate it to another beautiful location. Such a sustainable nomadic solution doesn't require much paperwork!
It was one of the best getaways for me. But time to say goodbye suddenly came. I must admit it is truly amazing this tiny cabin does not affect the natural space, where it's located. Guys from Brette Haus just removed the furniture, folded the house the next day, and relocated it to a lakeside. There was no sign of this cabin when I came back in a week.
So my spring story ended there...
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Alisa Lessy
IT specialist


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